• What to Expect From a Pediatric Dentist

    Choosing a good pediatric dentist for your child means finding someone to oversee your child’s oral health from infancy into adulthood. We at Erickson Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics are committed to treating any dental problems that arise and providing preventative care to ensure better oral health, both now and in the futur,e.

    Care Given to Pediatric Dental Clients

    A pediatric dentist treats your child with care and understanding. During your child’s visit, we provide a number of services, including:

    • Cavity risk assessment
    • Oral exams
    • Identifying potential dental problems, like thumb sucking and pacifier usage
    • Repairing tooth defects and cavities
    • Preventing cavities
    • Assessing tooth development
    • Assessing the need for teeth correction, such as braces or bite correction
    • Management of gum diseases
    • Management of oral problems, like ulcers
    • Caring for knocked out, fractured, or displaced teeth
    • Teaching proper brushing and flossing techniques

    The First Dental Exam

    When you take your child to his or her first dental visit, there is much to expect. We first make the child comfortable and explain the purpose and benefits of a dental visit. We discuss issues with clients, unless they are too young. In such cases, we talk to the parents so they can understand the procedures and reassure their children as the dental exam progresses. We assess oral health, check teeth progression, and depending on the results of the oral exam, begin a dental cleaning if necessary. If a cleaning is required, we ask questions about the child’s dental routine to identify why problems exist. Often, preventing issues like plaque build-up can be solved easily by using child-friendly dental rinse or adding an additional brushing each day.

    Oral Health Education

    We take the proper dental education of your child seriously. The brushing and flossing habits instilled in children at a young age often follow them throughout their lifetimes. The good habits of brushing twice a day and regularly flossing can help them prevent many forms of gum disease and other dental problems. If children are too young to independently care for their teeth, we teach their parents the correct techniques. We advise parents to avoid giving their children juice or milk bottles at night, because these liquids can damage a baby’s fragile teeth, leading to “bottle mouth.” Swabbing the teeth and gums if it is too early to use a brush helps clean the mouth of any damaging substances. Additionally, putting the child to sleep with a water bottle instead of milk or juice can establish healthier oral health habits for later years.

    It’s All about the Atmosphere

    We also know that you don’t want a pediatric dentist whose demeanor might scare children. We always try for an upbeat work environment so your child is round people who are smiling and happy. Our offices are kid-friendly and we use instruments designed specifically for smaller mouths so your child is comfortable. We are welcoming, accessible, and explain anything you and your child may not understand. We are here to provide you and your child with the care and expertise that you need, all while creating a soothing environment for your child. Come and see why we are a great choice in pediatric dentistry.

    Dr. Erikson and the team at Erickson Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics are pleased to be considered for your child’s pediatric dentist. You can call us at either location at Colorado Springs at (719) 602-4001 or at Monument at (719) 373-1805 to schedule an appointment or to talk with us about your child’s dental health.


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