Sedation Dentistry

When children are unable to accept dental treatment due to their anxiety or too much movement, we will administer oral medications in-office to sedate them. The medications will not make children sleep, but will help them decrease their anxiety and resistance to dental treatment.

Oral sedation is a very safe procedure for healthy children. However, more risks are associated with this procedure, and it is imperative that Dr. Josh is aware of all their medical concerns prior to the appointment.

To prepare the morning of the appointment, do not allow the child to have anything to eat or drink after midnight. They will be weighed, have vital signs measured and airway (throat and lungs) evaluated. If the child is deemed completely healthy, the dose of medication will be calculated based on their weight and will be administered orally, usually mixed with chocolate syrup to coat the taste. Then they will relax for an hour as the medications take effect. At this point, the child will be brought to the back to begin treatment. Parents are welcome to remain with their child.

All children are sleepy when they wake up, some may cry or be agitated and some will be very calm. We will discuss post-operative instructions and make sure the child has returned to their normal vital signs. Please be patient as we make sure your child is awake enough to be discharged into your care.